Municipal Leaders' Roles and Responsibilities

Essential, current information to assist you in council procedures as well as your role as policy decision-makers, employers, and community leaders.

Delivered separately through the SARM, SUMA and New North newly elected workshops.


Next Scheduled Workshops:

SARM Members:

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 TCU, Saskatoon, SK 12.:30pm to 4:30pm

To register please email Amy Roettger ( with a list of who will be attending.

Visit the SARM website for more information or contact Amy Roettger at 306.761.3732.


SUMA Members:

SUMA offers their Leaders' Roles and Responsibilities Workshops in election years only.



SARM Members - No registration fee for this module.    

SUMA Members - Registration fee will apply for this module ($65)



With respect to the November 13, 2018 SARM Module, anyone wishing to attend must register with SARM, contact Amy Roettger ( with a list of who will be attending.

With respect to the SUMA Module (held every election year), members must register with SUMA.